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intoPIX introduces a single chip FPGA JPEG2000 solution for Digital Cinema (03/06)

intoPIX, a Belgian based Technology Provider specializing in the handling of mass image data has announced innovative solutions to the challenge of Digital Cinema image compression and security requirements.

Anticipating the DCI decision to recommend the JPEG2000 compression method by some four years intoPIX started its research on an affordable solution in 2001. The resulting single FPGA based decoder not only goes beyond all presently defi ned DCI recommendations but also has the potential for an exceptional degree of security and operating flexibility.

The principle benefit of the company’s innovative solution is its renewability. As explained by Jean-François Nivart,
intoPIX CEO “The choice of FPGA technology allows us to satisfy the Studio’s and Exhibitor’s most demanding needs for tomorrow; needs we believe will include enhanced 3D display, 4K picture size, integrated and upgradeable security management and improved forensic marking scheme.”

Informally introduced to the Digital Cinema trade and the Hollywood Studio’s at the time of Show East intoPIX has
since completed its JP2K IP product to perfectly suite today’s requirement and, in a further benefi t of its ongoing discussion with the trade, is now also confi dent of introducing an easy-to-implement 4K IP solution later this year.

Added Jean François “ We have been very encouraged by our discussions with our colleagues in Digital Cinema over the last few months and look forward to becoming a trusted partner to the industry now that the era of JPEG 2000 2K and 4K displays has arrived.”

intoPIX will demonstrate its JPEG2K single chip JPGEG2000 compression IP in private discussion with the Digital
Cinema trade in Las Vegas, March 13-16th 2006.

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For Further information contact:
Keith Morris, Marketing and Sales Manager,
intoPIX s.a.
Mobile telephone: +32 630 821 572

About intoPIX

intoPIX develops and markets handling tools for large data stream with intrinsic high value with special
regard to pictures having value in their quality, security and authoring rights.

Based in Louvain-la-Neuve, in the Walloon region of Belgium, intoPIX was established in 2005 as an outcome of a
decision taken in 2001 by the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) to direct the activities of its Electronic, Cryptographic and Image Compression laboratories towards the provision of JPEG2000 compression solutions.
intoPIX’s world leading competences include FPGA and software engineering, JPEG2000 image compression and
symmetric-asymmetric security.

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