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intoPIX showcases its new PRISTINE JPEG 2000 Board at IBC 2009

IBC, Amsterdam -- intoPIX, expert in JPEG 2000 solutions, showcases today at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam the new OEM PRISTINE JPEG 2000 board.

PRISTINE is a PCIe x8 board designed to handle uncompressed input and output of audiovisual material as well as for compression & decompression of JPEG 2000 faster than real-time. PRISTINE also provides a 3G-SDI interface with four 3G inputs and outputs. PRISTINE supports virtually all SD, HD, 2K and 4K formats and offers embedded audio channels. Up to four 3G-SDI links 4:4:4 are supported simultaneously. The new I/O board is ideal for implementing stereoscopic, multi-channel and multi-screen applications. PRISTINE also integrates the new intoPIX SDK for Maximum flexibility.

A wide range of applications can be addressed using PRISTINE:  Digital Cinema, Audio-visual Lossless Archiving, 3G Contribution, 3D stereoscopy and Ultra-high-resolution.

“We are setting a new standard with the PRISTINE. It really is a first to have a board that can perform JPEG2000 compression and decompression with this level of flexibility and performance”, says  Jean-François Nivart, C.E.O. of intoPIX.

For Digital Cinema Package creation (DCP), the PRISTINE offers ultra fast, fully DCI compliant 2K & 4K encoding with frame rates going up to 120fps for 2K and 30fps for 4K resolutions respectively. PRISTINE handles RGB, YUV or X’Y'Z’ content.

For Broadcast contribution, the PRISTINE can process virtually all HD formats in real-time, with the possibility of working in multi-channel mode. This allows addressing major applications in contribution for HD, 3G or even 3D-stereoscopic.

For audio-visual archiving, PRISTINE uniquely accelerates JPEG 2000 encoding and decoding while supporting a wide range of resolutions up to 4K+ (4096x3112). The embedded intoPIX technology allows both Mathematically and Visually Lossless compression providing unaltered quality. The PRISTINE range lives up to the challenge posed by long term audio-visual content archiving.

Combining several PRISTINEs gives access to the most demanding applications in terms of high resolutions. Processing Ultra High Resolution 8K is now possible, with both Mathematically and Visually Lossless compression.

The new PRISTINE JPEG 2000 Boards will be available starting Q4 2009. For more information, please contact

Specifications about the PRISTINE JPEG2000 boards are available at the intoPIX booth
#10.D29 (Hall 10) during the IBC 2009 Exhibition in September and downloadable at .

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