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Eyevis EYE-LCD6400-4K 64" Display compatible with intoPIX new JPEG 2000 streaming system for Ultra HD (4K and 8K) applications


Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium and Reutlingen, Germany – intoPIX, the leading JPEG2000 solutions provider, and eyevis, the large-scale display solution specialist, are pleased to announce that the EYE-LCD6400-4K 64" display is now compatible with intoPIX new JPEG 2000 streaming system.

Using the advanced new PRISTINE 4K board, the intoPIX JPEG 2000 streaming system is capable of delivering breathtaking images to the EYE-LCD6400-4K display. With its 64" diagonal and its pin-sharp 4K-resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels), this screen provides jaw-dropping images, capitalizing on the JPEG 2000 4K Cinema encoding quality of the intoPIX system.

"intoPIX is pleased to bring a compatible solution with Eyevis supporting the impressive EYE-LCD6400-4K, the latest display from the EYE-LCD Series," says Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing Manager of intoPIX. "With the intoPIX system powering this ultra high resolution monitor, post-production houses and advanced research laboratories will be able to have future proof high-quality video in 4K resolutions."

With its 85 ppi, the image density of the new EYE-LCD6400-4K panel is twice as high as any standard full HD 65-inch panel. This exclusive pixel density makes this display the ideal solution for 4K digital cinema content.

"The intoPIX JPEG 2000 solution gives us a powerful hardware option to work with advanced audiovisual applications. This allows us to handle JPEG 2000 Ultra High Definition (UHD) streams from cameras and encoders on our new 4K, hi-res display," says Eric Henique, International Sales Manager at Eyevis. “Furthermore intoPIX allows us to benefit from the JPEG 2000 scalability. It is easy to extract from a 8K encoded source, a 4K or even a HD resolution.”

The new intoPIX system using the EYEVIS EYE-LCD6400-4K display was showcased on IBC 2009 in September in Amsterdam.

About intoPIX s.a.


intoPIX is passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience.

intoPIX offers leading-edge JPEG 2000 image compression, security and hardware enforcement IP-cores for audio-visual markets. Their implementation in the latest generation of FPGA chips provides today’s highest quality, most flexible and cost effective handling tools for high throughput data streams.

Located in Belgium, intoPIX is present at key locations around the world with subsidiaries in Japan and in the USA. Thanks to its first-class and recognized expertise in image technology & micro-electronics, the intoPIX team can guarantee a top-notch quality of product and support to every customer. intoPIX knows how to provide IP-Cores that work.

More information on the company and its product range can be found at their website at


About Eyevis GmbH

eyevis, German manufacturer and installer of large screen solutions, is a leading provider of visualisation systems for professional applications in control rooms, network operation centres and security installations. eyevis has a world-wide network of subsidiaries and resellers. eyevis is one of very few manufacturers on the market providing complete systems. eyevis one-stop solutions include display systems, graphics controllers and wall management software solutions.

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