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Empowering Visual Communication

To accomplish its mission, intoPIX will develop and market intellectual properties empowering and protecting visual communication between people.

Positioned as technology provider, intoPIX will provide a faster and easier access to new emerging image technologies.

intoPIX Vision 

intoPIX will place technologies in every audio-visual device for professionals and consumers.


intoPIX Values 

Teamwork and Commitment : Teamwork and Commitment are the pillars that sustain the growth, the efficiency and the success of our Company. We feed them by providing recognition and fun at work to our people.

Excellence and Agile Development : We value the growth of our team through a brain stimulating and challenging environment. We feed their desire to evolve with sustained learning and agile processes and personal follow-up. We foster each one and the team to excel in every aspect of their work.

Social Responsibility: We consciously play our role in the society by participating actively to the technology development in our field of expertise without neglecting all the other aspects of a sustainable society development.

Key Competences: Teamwork - Innovation - Customer Orientated - Agile Development - Reliability - Market Orientated - Knowledge Sharing - Self Development - Progress Monitoring

intoPIX 我们的专长


intoPIX确保其客户享有音像市场中顶尖的JPEG 2000图像压缩技术,以及安全的硬件实施IP核。它们在最新一代的FPGA&AISC芯片中的应用提供了目前市场上质量最高,最灵活和最具有成本效益的能够处理高吞吐量数据流的工具。intoPIX拥有广泛的IP特征,包括JPEG 2000编码器和解码器,视频和网络接口,多媒体和加密功能,内存控制器,以及更多。

intoPIX联营公司在OpenJPEG.org发挥了积极的作用同时是JPEG 2000科学论文的积极贡献者。


intoPIX 我们的市场

自2001年以来,主管部门在各自的领域intoPIX联营公司对JPEG 2000,物理安全和数字影院标准化委员会等方面做出了显着的贡献。自2005年以来,intoPIX已经成为了数字影院的JPEG 2000工具的参考供应商,现在正沿着一条为数字采集,后期制作,分发和存档提供成本效益的解决方案的道路前进。intoPIX的技术致力于数字影院,电视广播,后期制作,归档,无线,医药,航天,安全和其他把图像质量作为关键资源的视听运用场合。