HD encoder & decoder IP-cores by intoPIX

General description

Designed to respond to the most demanding Broadcast & Professional AV applications, we guarantee perfect interoperability with every SD and HD standards in terms of frame rates and resolutions, with the additional support of intoPIX Ultra Low Latency capability for transmission applications and internal J2K scaling for monitoring applications.

Its architecture provides, in a single chip, multi-channel operations, in real time.

The cores offer both low latency & Ultra Low latency modes enabling users to reach about 5ms in a end-to-end transmission. 

Configurations for FPGA & ASIC

See hereunder a list of typical configurations:

 Reference IP cores (-enc or -dec)Resolutions Max Frame Rates Color Sampling Bit Depth Bit Rate Range (Up to)
 IPX-J2K-HD-30-422-10-250 1920x1080 30P / 60i 4:2:2 8, 10 250Mbps
 IPX-J2K-HD-60-422-10-400 1920x1080 60P 4:2:2 8, 10 400Mbps
 IPX-J2K-HD-60-444-10-500 1920x1080 60P 4:4:4 & 4:2:2 8, 10 500Mbps
 IPX-J2K-HD-120-444-10-1000 1920x1080 120P 4:4:4 & 4:2:2 8, 10 1Gbps

Your needed configuration is not (exactly) here?  Additional features?  Higher resolutions?  Want to get the exact IP-core resources details? 

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