Preserving quality & latency 
    Reducing bitrate ​straight from the image sensor

intoPIX-powered Image Sensors & Cameras Solutions

Straight from the Image Sensor

intoPIX has developed a strong expertise to manage and compress pixels directly at the output of an image sensor from 2MP to 100MP and beyond. 

intoPIX's specific  image processing and compression algorithms enable users to efficiently compress RAW (RGGB), Grayscale and RGB images & video with low complexity, lossless quality, low latency and high performances.

Human Vision & Machine Vision

intoPIX has developed ideal solutions to embedded video coding in industrial cameras and carry bandwidth-optimized content for video analysis, inspection or remote monitoring with lossless quality compression.

Our compression technologies offer:
  • Multi platform possibilities:
    • FPGA encoder IP-cores for the camera, GPU/CPU SDKs or FPGA IPs for decoder in the frame grabber / receiving side: intoPIX delivers both FPGA IP-cores & SDKs 
  • Multi image/video formats​:
    • Various bit depth coding (from 8 to 16 bit per components)
    • Various resolutions: from low res  up to 10240x10240 pixels an beyond
    • Various speeds, images per second: both for real-time or high speed capture
  • Various coding modes:
      • from pure lossless to capped lossless/near-lossless
      • Various image coding implementations: TICO-RAW, JPEG2K, TICO (SMPTE RDD35), TICO-XS (JPEG-XS)
Our technologies are suitable over any standard interfaces such as GiGE Vision, USB-3, Coaxpress, Mipi, LVDS,...

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