Dissector in Lua for JPEG XS compressed video in RTP and SMPTE 2110-22

intoPIX releases a SMPTE 2110-22 Wireshark dissector that allows verifying your SMPTE 2110-22 captured streams. An easy tool to check that your streams are properly built according to the VSF TR08 recommendations and the JPEG XS IETF RTP. Just download it via the form hereunder !

To use it in Wireshark:

  1. Install this dissector in the proper plugin directory - see "About Wireshark/Folders" to see Personal and Global plugin directories. After putting this dissector in the proper folder, "About Wireshark/Plugins" should list "ST2110-22.lua"

  2. In Wireshark Preferences, under "Protocols/ST2110-22", set dynamic payload type

  3. Capture packets of ST 2110-22

  4. "Decode As" those UDP packets as RTP

  5. You will now see the ST 2110-22 Data dissection of the RTP payload

Do not hesitate to provide us any feedback, questions or comments to improve it via support@intopix.com !

Latest update - Oct-2022 : Added support for versions 4.x.x of wireshark 

Looking for other types of SMPTE 2110 dissectors (-20, -40) ? You can find them on the GitHub from the Networks Engineering & Operations (NEO) Advanced Technology (Disney):  https://github.com/NEOAdvancedTechnology 

intoPIX provides a full range of JPEG XS encoders & decoders as FPGA IP-cores supporting HD, 4K and even 8K, 422, 444 & HDR formats. 

The IPX-RTP-XS IP-cores are ideal to enable rapidly any existing ST 2110 'uncompressed'  FPGA video design to also support ST 2110-22 "compressed video" using JPEG XS over RTP.

The primary objective of VSF TR-08 is to address LAN/WAN/cloud applications and to enable interoperability between products from different equipment manufacturers.