Support higher resolutions, high quality video over limited bandwidth with ZERO latency

Wireless Video Communications

intoPIX develops several innovative lightweight compression solutions for wireless communications, including  the TicoXS cores (JPEG XS) and the TicoXS FIP with Error Concealment to packet losses. The solutions are suitable for HD, 4K and even 8K wireless transmission applications.

Our AV codecs running on FPGA or ASIC are designed to deliver great results in latency-critical applications offering a microsecond-based latency and lossless quality. Viewers don’t perceive any delay or lag in transmission and cannot see any loss of image quality - two critical factors for many applications.

Our technologies are suitable with new wireless transport systems based on 60Ghz, Wifi-6 or 5G.

Compression including Error Concealment

Robust encoder & decoder with error control and recovery of any corrupted content, which makes TicoXS FIP ideal for unpredictable wireless transmission such as WiFi-6.

  • Detect any error (from network packets loss, bit-flip,…)
  • Conceal any missing information and ensure the best visual experience.

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