intoPIX delivers IP-cores for ADAS systems, 

    image sensors and in-car transmission

intoPIX-powered Automotive Solutions

The growing demand for building cost-effective and efficient Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is requiring a new class of compression IP-cores to simplify the imaging pipeline from the sensors to the processing unit. 

Incorporating the latest image sensor performances, running with an extremely low complexity, low latency and lossless image quality for multiple vision base algorithms, intoPIX's portfolio of IP, including TICO, TICO-XS and TICO-RAW IP-cores, are ideal to address these challenges.

Overview of needs for the automotive industry

One of the most important applications in the automotive industry is autonomous driving
For this application multiple sensors are combined and their data transmitted to a so-called ECU (Electronic central unit) in which the data from the sensors are jointly analysed and related actions calculated. Data from these sensors need to be processed with a maximum responsiveness, therefore implying a very low latency along the whole dataflow. 
In terms of implementation and given the number of sensors, power consumption needs to be constrained as much as possible because of thermal considerations and the necessary operation in all kind of climatic conditions. The cabling inside the car is critical, e.g. fiber is not likely to be used as they are not as robust as copper cable and can not be bent. High resolution cameras and limited interface bandwidths require compression to reduce the bandwidth during live transmission and/or aggregating multiple sensor streams on one port/cable. For automatic analysis a debayering to RGB images is not important. Given the infrastructure encountered in a car, multi-platform implementations of such compression scheme would be required, including GPU, FPGA, and ASIC.   

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