"Pro-AV optimized" compression IP & SDKs to respond to the rapid increase in demand for 4K, 8K and IP-based distribution systems

Pro-AV Solutions

The AV world is Migrating to IP Networks

intoPIX mission is to help to achieve this transition with the best efficiency. We have built unique image processing & compression technologies that empower your Pro-AV applications. This technologies are deployed by several industry-leaders and stand out for their unique benefits:

  • A lossless quality

(no visible loss on desktop, CGI or natural content)

  • An imperceptible latency

(users will never notice any latency using intoPIX compression)               

  • A low power consumption and small footprint in FPGA or ASIC 
  • The capability to run real-time in software
  • The best compression efficiency to simplify the network connectivity

(users can carry video over longer distance and over existing cables)               

intoPIX Pro-AV-optimized solutions are serving many applications such as Enterprises, Corporate Education, Government/Military, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare & Venues/Live Events enabling to build KVMs, Video walls, Digital Signage, Intra & inter-rooms AV connectivity systems, wireless AV.

From HD to 4K to 8K, your AV Journey starts with intoPIX & CAT5e 

With more than 70 billion meters of CAT5e / CAT6 cables deployed across the world, we do not want to open every walls to replace the cables. Assuming it is even possible, … cost estimates (to remove cat5e, cat6, …) can scale to unreasonable budgets per building. With intoPIX, the IP network can run on Cat5e !


JPEG XS with intoPIX Flawless Imaging profile

The R&D Lab at intoPIX is constantly driving innovation in video processing and image compression. As an evolution of TICO and ISO standardized under JPEG XS, TicoXS FIP is the ultimate codec to manage and transmit more and higher quality pixels. It is specifically designed to become the world’s lowest latency and lowest complexity codec addressing latency-critical applications with the highest quality. TicoXS with FIP stands out also for its advantage of a very small hardware footprint and a high level of parallelism for software implementations.
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Make the Choice that Meet your Requirements

| TicoXS IP & SDKs (incl. TicoXS FIP)
| JPEG 2000 IP
| Security IP
| TicoXS IP & SDKs (incl. TicoXS FIP)

A new standard for Pro AV over IP, 
JPEG XS & the optional Flawless Imaging profile (FIP)

4K @60 fps 444 HDR on CAT5e | 400 Mbps to 1.5 Gpbs
8K @30 fps 444 or 8K @60 fps 420 HDR on CAT5e | 750 Mbps to 2.5 Gpbs
8K @60 fps 444 HDR on CAT5e | 1.5Gbps to 2.5 Gpbs

Interop with any standard IP protocol and encapsulation (ST2110, IPMX,  ST2022, DANTE,...)

    Pixel perfect quality   

    Microsecond latency - < 1ms !

    CAT5e cables

    CAT5e 1 / 2.5 / 5 GbE switchers

    ISO JPEG XS standardized &  part of the IPMX ProAV Stack

    Low power (no DDR) ! Perfect for POE

    FPGA IP-cores / CPU and GPU SDKs


The most deployed AV-over-IP solution*

* powering Crestron NVX Series. 

    intoPIX patented flawless link proAV transmission

   Microsecond latency (<1ms)

   CAT5e cables up to 4K/8K

   CAT5e 1 GbE switchers  

    Pixel perfect processing 

| JPEG 2000 IP

​​ProAV optimized JPEG 2000

4K60P 444 HDR on CAT5e | 500 Mbps to 800 Mpbs


  Pixel Perfect Quality 

  Less than 10 milliseconds latency

  CAT5e cables

  CAT5e 1 GbE switchers

  ISO JPEG 2000 standardized 

  Added innovative processing 

  IP cores for FPGA 

The world's first lightweight codec

HD/60P  over 1GbE, 

4K/60P 444 HDR over 10Gb (multiple streams)

8K60P over 10GbE 

          4:1 Pixel perfect quality

         Microsecond latency (<1ms)

         SMPTE RDD35 open specifications

          Low power! Perfect for POE

         FPGA IP-cores / CPU & GPU SDKs

    | Security IP

    Security on your AVoIP Links

    intoPIX offers also encryption IP-cores to encrypt your transmission link from 1Gbps up to 100Gbps. 

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