"Pro-AV specific" compression IP & SDKs to respond to the rapid increase 

    in demand for 4K,  8K and IP-based distribution systems

intoPIX-powered Pro-AV Solutions

Latency-critical AV over IP

The  Pro AV world is migrating to IP networks. 

intoPIX offers multiple solutions to build efficient AV over IP systems, focusing on low latency, lossless quality (any content), low power and small size. intoPIX has built unique image processing & compression technologies for Pro-AV applications. 

Our mission is to deliver unperceptive compression technologies for any type of AV content: unperceptive in image quality (no visible loss on desktop, CGI or natural content), unperceptive in latency (users will never notice any latency using intoPIX compression). All combined with research for the lowest power consumption in a chip and the highest compression efficiency. 

Together with Xilinx & Intel FPGAs we have also built several proofs of concept and reference designs that are significantly accelerating the move to IP-based infrastructure offering unique benefits to our customers thanks to our innovative solutions

  • IP cores for link encryption over 1G, 10G, or 25G based on AES encryption standards
  • Smarter Mezzanine codecs for compressed streams over 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet
    • TICO RDD35 IP-cores & CPU/GPU SDKs enable users to manage:
      • HD 1080p60 444/422/420 10bit over 1GbE with only few lines over latency
      • 4K 2160p60 444/422/420 10 bit over 10GbE (multiple 4K links, full duplex, ...)
      • 8K 4320p60 444/422/420 10bit over 10GbE 
    • ​Ultra Low Latency JPEG2000 IP-cores with specific modes adapted to Pro-AV use cases
      • 4K 2160p60 444/422/420 10bit over 1GbE (bitrate start at 400Mbps, selectable up to 800Mbps)
    • More to come!

intoPIX has a the world's first reliable solution to carry true 4K60P 444 over 1GbE CAT5 in a PC or AV environment. 

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