• The World Fastest 
    ​JPEG XS Software Development Kit 
    ​for x86-64 CPU, ARM64, 
    Apple silicon, and GPU


Available for CPU or GPU, implementing the new low-latency JPEG XS standard and many more features, the intoPIX Fast TicoXS SDKs provide the highest quality, lowest latency, visually lossless codec for the optimization of your application. Fast TicoXS SDKs are perfect for all professionals looking to deploy ultra-low latency, lossless encoding over their whole infrastructure and workflows.

​(Single Use for research and academic purpose)​

Standalone TicoXS encoder or decoder SDK 

The highest quality visually lossless codec for the optimization of video infrastructures. TicoXS start is ideal for testing applications or a research project. 

This pack is used for non-commercial purpose. 

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​(OEM License for business)

Full TicoXS encoder & decoder with support of HD and UHD-4K on all operating systems    

TicoXS Pro is perfect for all professionals looking to deploy zero-latency, lossless encoding over parts of or their whole infrastructure. 

Enables the access to Premium Support & Customization Program.

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​(OEM License for business & extreme performances)

Includes all the features of TicoXS Pro and adds 8K, 4K high-frame rates and specific image inputs with extreme parallel processing 

TicoXS Ultimate is optimized for top productions, the future of broadcast and the most advanced Pro-AV applications.

What's new ? 

FastTicoXS ARM64 & Apple Silicon
  • Release ARM 64 SDK for MacOS v2.14 . This is a new release enabling to use JPEG XS on the latest Apple M1 processors, including additional speed improvements.
  • Other ARM64 libraries v2.14 are now also available for Linux or Android
FastTicoXS x86-64 
  • Release x86-64 Intel & AMD CPU SDK v2.14 : New performance increases & New pixel formats support
  • Release x86-64 Intel & AMD CPU SDK v2.02 : Encoding speed improvements and new input/output format support compliant with SMPTE 2110-20 
  • Release x86-64 Intel & AMD CPU SDK v2.00 : Twice the speed, Lower latency, New SDI mapping Add-On ! - Read all the details 
  • Release x86-64 Intel & AMD CPU SDK v1.05 : FastTicoXS SDK v1.5 is now available for purchase and evaluation for both encoding and decoding. This is an important release, with many features, higher performances, lower latency, quality optimization and reduced memory usage.

FastTicoXS Nvidia GPU 
  • Release Nvidia GPU SDK v2.1.2 : 20% speed increase at minimum on encoder ! And other improvements
  • Release Nvidia GPU SDK v1.2.5 : 2x Faster Encoder, New Jetson support, 8K real-time encoding & decoding - Read all the details 
  • Release Nvidia GPU SDK v1.2.4 : FastTicoXS SDK is now available on Nvidia GPU for both encoding and decoding with incredible performances (see hereunder). Nvidia JETSON GPUs are now also supported by the SDK. 

FastTicoXS OpenCL GPU 
  • Release of first OpenCL SDK for Intel & AMD GPUs

FFmpeg Add-On 
  • Release FFmpeg Add-On : New intoPIX FFmpeg Add-On is now available for all FastTicoXS SDK users who want to leverage JPEG XS rapidly in video workflows. This new release is compatible with the x86-64 Intel & AMD CPU SDK Release v1.5 and the Nvidia GPU SDK Release 1.2.3. Read all the details 

NVIDIA Rivermax Add-On 
  • ​Release Rivermax Integration Examples: New Rivermax  Add-On is now available for all FastTicoXS SDK users who want to leverage JPEG XS rapidly in NVIDIA Rivermax SDK using NVIDIA Ethernet NICs (like ConnectX-5) . Read all the details (June 2021)

Feature overview

Quality & latency 
  • Best-in-class visually lossless video codec, compliant with JPEG XS
  • Adjustable compression ratio (on frame by frame) with constant bitrate throughput (CBR)
  • From Math. Lossless down to near-lossless / visually lossless (down to 1.5bpp*)
  • Ultra-low latency capability (down to only few lines in CPU) with an optimal low latency API
  • Optimized for real-time / faster than real-time operations 

Processors (CPU / GPU)

  • Highly parallelized processing in encode/decode 
  • x86-64 Intel / AMD CPU (SSE 4.1, AVX2, AVX512 )
  • Nvidia GPU (CUDA)
  • OpenCL (NEW !)
  • ARM64 (NEW!)
  • Apple M1 & Apple silicon

Image formats & frame rates 

  • Supports monochrome (4:0:0, Alpha) up to 16bit
  • Support 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0** ; 8/10/12/16 bit ; RGB, YCbCr, XYZ
  • Validated up 8K UHDTV-1 (8192) resolutions
  • Frame rate depends on CPU/GPU performance & SDK packages
  • HDR and SDR support
  • Compliant with JPEG XS standard & profiles : HIGH , MAIN, MLS.12 (Math. Lossless), ...
  • Additional advanced features by intoPIX, improving both performances & quality.
Rate control 

  • Adjustable compression rate (down to 36:1 (1 bpp))
  • Constant (predictable) bitrate (CBR) 
  • VBR mode for JPEG XS Math Lossless Coding (MLS.12 Profile)
Operating systems

  • Windows (32-bit/64-bit) 
  • Linux (32-bit/64-bit) 
  • macOS (64-bit) , iOS, iPadOS
  • Android

*Depending on type of content and resolutions.



  • Embedded Downscaler Add-On: Proxy x1 & x2 decoding (ie. decode directly HD resolution or 4K resolution from  8K XS-compressed video stream)  and reduce your CPU or GPU load. 
  • FFmpeg Add-On : connect directly the intoPIX SDK to FFmpeg
  • Insertion/Extraction of Color Specification box / Video Support box from JPEG XS part 3
  • SDI Mapping Add-On : enables users to map 4K/8K effciently over existing 3G/HD-SDI cables. This unique feature reformats the XS codestream to fully map the SDI active area avoiding the forbidden EAV/SAV codes, offering a 20% gain of compression/quality performances. 
  • NVIDIA Rivermax Add-On : connect directly the intoPIX SDK to NVIDIA Rivermax for JPEG XS SMPTE 2110-22 Low latency (PTP sync) Video transmission using NVIDIA Ethernet NICs (ie Mellanox ConnectX-5,...) using user friently sender and receiver examples
  • "Flawless Imaging "profile (FIP) on top of the JPEG XS for KVM, AVoIP, PC applications. 

What our users say

​Ask us the last performance reports 

intoPIX FastTico XS SDK is gaining in performance continuouslyContact us to get access the latest updates for Intel / AMD / NVidia / ARM. 

It is real-time or faster on most of the regular CPU & GPU processors. Let us know your targeted processor and configurations (# streams, resolutions,...)

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