FastTicoXS  & Rivermax running together on JETSON using a ConnectX5 NIC card at GTC21

03.06.21 01:08 PM By Julie

intoPIX has successfully adapted its JPEG XS GPU-accelerated software to be used with NVIDIA Rivermax-enabled Ethernet NICs. The combination of intoPIX FastTicoXS GPU software with NVIDIA Rivermax provides a turnkey solution supporting the new JPEG XS standard for SMPTE ST 2110 Media workflows. 

For GTC21, intoPIX has made available a complete demo that uses NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier and NVIDIA Ethernet NIC 'ConnectX5'. A nice way to show the integration!

--Transmission of JPEG XS video streams @3840x2160 p50 using less than 1Gbps --

-- Receive JPEG XS  video streams –using GPU Direct and Render Video to screen --

-- Can be time-locked by PTP Grandmaster --

-- Comply with SMPTE 2110-22 specifications --

>> Looking at the CPU load, we observed that the media_receiver only uses 4% of the CPU <<

Learn more about the intoPIX FastTicoXS for GPU 

  • 100% on GPU / (Faster) Real-time operations
  • Compliant with JPEG XS (+ extra features and add-ons)
  • Smart proxy decoding
  • Performance increasing regularly (recently doubled)
  • Performance scales w/ #GPUs
  • Windows / Linux / Mac
  • Up to 8K, 422/ 444 ,  8/10/12/16-bit support
  • Adjustable & CBR compression
  • Math. Lossless / near-lossless / visually lossless mode
  • Ultra-low latency (< single frame)
  • Support for Discrete GPUs & Jetson

WATCH intoPIX at GTC21 ! 

"Introduction to the New JPEG XS Standard for Low-Latency, Visually Lossless Streaming in HD, 4K and 8K"

Discover the benefits of the new JPEG XS lightweight low-latency standard, co-created by intoPIX and its implementation and performance achieved on NVIDIA GPUs to stream high-quality 4K and 8K live video at the speed of light.

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX)

Language : English

Date : April 14, 2021

Watch the webinar

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