intoPIX delivers JPEG XS Compressed Solutions for Low Latency Video Streaming with NVIDIA GPUs

03.06.21 07:00 AM By Julie

The FastTICO-XS SDK now seamlessly integrates with NVIDIA Rivermax SDKs for Lower Bitrate SMPTE ST 2110 Workflows 

Mont-Saint-Guibert, June 03, 2021 – intoPIX, leading expert of innovative video compression solutions, has integrated solutions for JPEG XS & SMPTE 2110-22 for NVIDIA Rivermax-enabled Ethernet NICs. The combination of intoPIX FastTICO-XS GPU SDK with Rivermax provides developers a turnkey solution supporting the new JPEG XS standard. Moreover, the new integration of Rivermax into the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK  gives developers all the right tools to create the most exciting video streaming products for any application.

NVIDIA Rivermax is a unique IP-based solution for media and data streaming applications that leverages NVIDIA Ethernet NICs. The SDK already supported video streaming using SMPTE 2110-20 uncompressed video. Interfacing with intoPIX FastTICO-XS SDK, it can now handle the streaming of low latency compressed JPEG XS SMPTE 2110-22 video as well.

Using JPEG XS safeguards all advantages of an uncompressed stream such as ultra-low latency, high quality – and offers a significant bandwidth reduction with real-time GPU encoding /decoding in HD, 4K or 8K. It can be used in any LAN, WAN or cloud-based application which is sensitive to low latency and high quality

This integration unlocks innovation for a wide range of applications in media and entertainment, broadcast, healthcare, and more. It was presented by intoPIX during GTC21 with 4K 60fps JPEG XS streaming using the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier System On Module (SOM) and NVIDIA ConnectX-5 NICs. 


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