​OF VR, AR, MR

    Solutions enabling high-performance 8K transmission
    of video from the source to the head-mounted display

intoPIX-powered XR
augmented, virtual, mixed reality solutions

In AR/VR/MR or what it is today called XR "Extended Reality", it is critical that the video capture & delivery is performed with very low latency, high frame rate, and best possible video quality to the screen or head mounted display.

intoPIX has developed optimized compression solutions, providing low power connectivity solutions with lossless quality and micro-second latency.

This includes various possibilities of standard-based and proprietary lightweight Tico, TicoXS & TicoXS FIP compression IP-cores & SDKs easily supporting up to  8K resolutions with visually lossless quality, up to 120fps. For AR, it also includes the specific lightweight TicoRAW compression for AR cameras.

intoPIX has the technology needed to build the world best wireless 8K XR devices.

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