TICO XS by intoPIX

"We invented the ultimate codec to manage and transmit more pixels ​with lower power, low bandwidth and lossless quality at the speed of light"
Engineered by intoPIX, TICO XS is an evolution of TICO RDD35 offering more compression capabilities with an
 extremely small footprint in ASIC and FPGA and fast performances on CPU & GPU

intoPIX has made significant intellectual property development in lightweight low latency video compression, from inventing and standardizing the world’s smallest and fastest mezzanine compression technology TICO (SMPTE RDD35) supported by the TICO Alliance, to being the proponent and co-developer of creating the world first international ISO standard technology "JPEG XS", addressing this matter. 

The technology and associated products are covered by one or more claims of patent, awarding intoPIX's hard work and innovation. The new TICO XS will gather momentum during this year.

Due to increasing resolutions (4K/8K), higher frame rates, 360° capture and higher quality pixels (e.g. HDR), all devices and infrastructures have to handle ever increasing data volumes. Whether virtual reality, gaming, live production, automotive or digital cinema workflows, the JPEG-XS mezzanine codec standard can be applied wherever uncompressed video is currently used. 

As a lightweight image coding system, it also offers line based latency with compression ratios from 2:1 to 6:1 (or even more) while maintaining lossless quality. 

JPEG-XS is the first ISO standard (ISO/IEC 21112) designed 
for latency-critical applications offering lossless quality 
at low complexity.

  • Low power consumption (through lightweight processing)
  • Ultra low latency in coding and decoding
  • Lossless picture quality
  • Small size on chip
  • Fast on software (CPU with the use of SIMD and GPU)


  • Low power consumption (through reasonable bandwidth interfaces)
  • Longer cable runs
  • Perfect fit for existing and new infrastructures
  • More pixels at a reduced cost 

     (higher resolutions, higher frame rates, higher bit depth) 

Key Features

Lossless Quality

 Near-Lossless up to 6:1 

Visually Lossless up to 10:1 

Smooth lossy compression beyond 

 Robust over multiple coding 

Low Power / Small 

for FPGA or ASIC 

Low logic & low memory usage (no external DDR)

Easy to integrate

JPEG-XS - interoperable and built for many use cases

  IP-cores and software libraries are licensable from intoPIX


Highly parallelizable, real-time or faster than real-time in CPU and GPU

Mobile to 4K/8K

Compatible with different resolutions, via multiple usual transport schemes

Zero Latency

Few lines of latency

When uncompressed is not realistic 

TICO XS is the solution! 

Support higher Data stream (HD, 4K, 8K, …) in existing systems and infrastructures using the available pipeline bandwidth.

Enable the use of a lower link rate for applications where high link rates 

may not be possible

Increase the number of streams or the stream resolution that could be supported in a multi-stream configuration

Reduce the number of lanes in a display or sensor interface needed to transport a stream in order to save power, cost, or both

Significantly reduce the internal video bandwidth (and power consumption) in systems such as mobile devices, cameras, video servers and displays

Increase the storage, video buffer or frame buffer capacity with cost-effectiveness for applications where high link rates may not be possible

Discover our TICO XS IP-core and SDK implementations (coming soon!)

  • Various HD/4K/8K implementations and products are available today based on TICO SMPTE RDD35
  • Many more TICO XS IP-cores & SDKs will be released this year, including the new ISO/IEC 21112 JPEG-XS profiles, and new performance capabilities for FPGA, ASIC, CPU & GPU:



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