intoPIX RTP video (de-)packetizer IP-cores 
for JPEG XS compressed video encapsulation over ST-2110-22   

Compatible with TicoXS & TicoXS FIP Encoder/Decoder IP-cores

General Description 

The IPX-RTP-XS IP-cores enable the RTP packetization/depacketization and are designed to be used with intoPIX video codecs. The IP-cores can directly be connected with the TicoXS encoder & decoder IP-cores, providing full compliance with JPEG-XS video transport over RTP.  The cores follow the IETF JPEG XS RFC and are suitable for interoperable transport of JPEG XS video over SMPTE 2110-22. 

The IPX-RTP-XS IP-cores are ideal to enable rapidly any existing SMPTE ST 2110 'uncompressed'  FPGA video design to also support SMPTE ST 2110-22 "compressed video" using JPEG XS over RTP. They are directly interfacing with the intoPIX Encoder /Decoder, using the "TicoXS" or "TicoXS FIP" IP-cores

Integration of the IPX-RTP-XS with the IPX-TicoXS IP-cores

Key Features

  • RTP Packetization and depacketization compliant with the IETF RTP Payload Format for ISO/IEC 21122 (RFC 9134 / JPEG XS) and recommendations of the VSF TR08.
  • Handles the complete conversion of uncompressed video to SMPTE2110-22 JPEG XS RTP packets when combined with TicoXS encoder/decoder IP-cores
  • Comprehensive software driver for codec and packetization configuration, including JPEG XS Part3 Video support Box and Colour specification boxes generation and extraction
  • Easy to integrate with existing and third party SMPTE 2110 FPGA design (including Adeas / Nextera , Macnica)  
  • Full interoperable with VSF TR08 (tested by interoperability test organized by the VSF with the intoPIX ZCU106 ST2110-22 Demo

Video Demo


Resources for Intel or Xilinx FPGAs can be provided on request.

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