Preserve image & video quality to its fullest

    while drastically reducing storage needs 

Long-term storage 
with intoPIX Lossless Compression

intoPIX provides software-based (and FPGA-based) codecs with mathematically lossless compression or near-lossless compression capabilities. 

When no compromises are allowed on the stored content, but when it is important to optimize the file sizes, intoPIX offers solutions to compress any types of uncompressed original content (video, image, raw-bayer, RGB, YUV, 422, 444, ...) with visually lossless, near-lossless or mathematically lossless coding (bit-to-bit reversible compression). 

The compression efficiency range from mathematically lossless compression (=2 to 3 times less data) to near-lossless compression - lossless for human vision or machine vision - (=4 to 10 times less data) . It is the ideal solution for long time digital archiving or cloud based storage in Media, Industrial, Medical, Laboratories or Automotive applications.

Furthermore, intoPIX offers resolution scalability will seamlessly allow the extraction of small resolution proxies from the full quality version, for content navigation purposes in archived/storage data-bases or during preview or analysis processes.

  • Reduce storage needs, when using hard drives (SSD), servers, and cloud capacity.
  • Speed up RAW data connectivity, file transfer and remote access.
  • Cut the IT storage needs and costs.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint with a smaller storage volume.

Mathematically lossless quality

The most powerful and flexible JPEG 2000 IP-Core, in a single FPGA, capable to offer a mathematically lossless compression. intoPIX's EMMY® Award-winning JPEG 2000 IP-cores protect high value images. Simultaneously handling deep color, high data rates and extensive JPEG2000 know-how, the IP-cores enable best-in-class picture quality. Cutting your storage and distribution needs in half or even by three, while keeping every bit of information unaltered is now possible with the Mathematically Lossless processing of JPEG 2000 and the intoPIX M-Lossless (MLS) family. 

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