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    Available thanks to intoPIX JPEG XS, JPEG 2000​ & TicoRAW 

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JPEGXS, JPEG2000 and TicoRAW for GIS
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atellite Imagery Solutions

intoPIX technologies are used in many different satellite imagery applications today. The new JPEG XS lightweight ISO codec, the JPEG 2000 format and the TicoRAW for sensor data enable images (and videos) to be viewed in variable compression modes, making it popular with users looking for ever increased precision, resolution and information content in geospatial imagery, as well as for faster access to data.

Practically, files using intoPIX technologies are significantly smaller than TIFF or GeoTIFF files while retaining optimal image quality, with clear, sharp outlines and good color rendering, even with RAW sensor data. This means images take up less disk space, they upload/download faster and navigation is optimized for enhanced data access and sharing.

Our range of IP cores (for FPGA & ASIC) & software libraries offer many features suitable for GIS, including:
  • High pixel rate encoding (up to very high resolutions or high frame rates)
  • High bit depth (from 8 to 16 bits)
  • Various encoding modes (from lossy to lossless) using JPEG XS, JPEG 2000 or TicoRAW (for sensor data)
  • Low footprint in FPGA to reduce power consumption with onboard encoding
  • Fast decoding with various software version available running on x86, ARM, GPUs.

​Our JPEG XS Solutions for GIS

JPEG XS is a new image compression and coding system format (the ISO/IEC 21122-1 standard), co-created by intoPIX within the JPEG standard committee. The format is ideally suited for handling satellite images with an extremely low power consumption for onboard capture and recording. It is the world first ISO coding standard design for low complexity, low power, low latency and lossless coding for human & machine (AI) visualization. intoPIX has several versions of encoders & decoders running on FPGA & software to target any resolutions and formats.

Our JPEG 2000 Solutions for GIS

JPEG 2000 is an image compression and coding system format known as  ISO/IEC 15444-1 standard that is ideally suited for handling large satellite images. intoPIX has developed a large range of FPGA encoders & decoders that are today integrated in many satellite worldwide.

Our TicoRAW Solutions for GIS RAW sensor data

TicoRAW is a RAW image compression that is ideally suited for handling satellite raw capture. It reduces the power consumption of the capture system, the storage required and accelerate the speed of RAW data transfer. It is convenient for various Color-Filter array RAW sensor types. With our FPGA implementation and software , we support sensors going up to 200Megapixels and 16-bit.