IPX-TICO-SDI : TX & RX for TICO formatting over SDI

General Description

TICO compressed video can easily be carried over SDI cables following the interoperable mapping specified in SMPTE RDD35 (TICO). intoPIX delivers complementary IP-cores to the TICO encoder & decoder to manage the formatting and transport of TICO over the active area of the SDI frame.  

This technology and associated products are covered by one or more claims of patents awarding intoPIX's hard work and innovation.

Key Features

  • Manage both the TX & RX
  • Manage the insertion of the TICO detection box over the active area of the SDI, manage the video essence box (carrying info related to the video stream, HDR, video source, etc.)
  • Manage the formatting of the codestream avoiding EAV/SAV forbidden code words
  • Fully interoperable with SMPTE RDD35
  • Can be used for SDI transport: 4K over a single 3G-SDI or 8K over a single 12G-SDI
  • Can be used to easily transport 4K over SMPTE 2022-6


Resources for Intel or Xilinx FPGAs can be provided on request.

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White paper: TICO over IP/SDI

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