Lossless JPEG 2000
 Encoder & Decoder IP-cores by intoPIX

General description

Keeping image quality intact has always been the priority in the archiving and storage, but also in post-production.

Nowadays, our digital era is associating this need with an increasingly pressing issue: increased resolutions, frame rates and video quality are making bandwidth and storage needs skyrocket. Cutting your storage and distribution needs in half or even by three, while keeping every bit of information unaltered is now possible with the Mathematically Lossless processing of JPEG 2000 and the intoPIX M-Lossless (MLS) family. The most powerful and flexible JPEG 2000 IP-Core, in a single FPGA, capable to offer a mathematically lossless compression.

Configurations for FPGA & ASIC

See hereunder a list of typical configurations:

 Reference IP cores (-enc or -dec)Max Resolutions Max Frame Rates Color Sampling Bit Depth Max Bit Rate Range (Up to)
 IPX-J2K-HD-MLS-444-12 2048x1080~ 60fps
422/444 8, 10, 12
( 14, 16 - option )
Mathematically Lossless
422/444 8, 10, 12
( 14, 16 - option )
Mathematically Lossless

* variable speed - as mathematically lossless coding has to be guaranteed on any kind of content. The cores are designed to sustain an average frame rate. On simpler content, it might process the frames faster, on very noisy content it might take more time. The speed is an average estimate.

Your needed configuration is not (exactly) here?  Additional features?  Higher resolutions?  Want to get the exact IP-core resources details? 

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