Village Island VICO-XI is Revolutionizing IP Video Conversion with Reduced Bandwidth and Microsecond Latency using intoPIX Technology

11.04.23 07:47 AM By Julie

The VICO-XI with intoPIX visually lossless JPEG XS codec converts uncompressed ST2110-20 to ST2110-22 4K/HD video streams with no delay

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, April 11, 2023 – intoPIX, the leading provider and co-creator of lightweight low-latency compression solutions, and Village Island are proud to announce the release of VICO-XI, which is equipped with the intoPIX visually lossless JPEG XS codec, allowing IP conversion between uncompressed ST2110-20 streams and JPEG XS compressed ST2110-22 streams of 4K and HD video.

"Our customers who have moved to ‘All-IP' for their studio and workflows, are still challenged with the need to handle concurrently TR-08 JPEG XS compressed streams and uncompressed streams, especially when interconnecting multiple workflows or networks or forwarding streams for monitoring. The default strategy is to convert the stream back to SDI, therefore generating additional costs, loss of space, wiring, and additional delay - often 1 additional frame -", says Michael Van Dorpe, CEO of Village Island. “VICO-XI brings the solution to this challenge while remaining cost-effective starting from a single channel point of view. It also offers the ST2022-7 redundancy option to enable protection against data loss. Its chassis can host up to two 4K channels per 1RU and is equipped with hot-swappable redundant power supplies. Extra SDI ports are available for monitoring purposes."

"Going back to SDI as an interfacing step, just for the sake of converting SMPTE 2110 uncompressed video to SMPTE 2110 JPEG XS would be wasteful: JPEG XS offers a true alternative to uncompressed video over IP network with reduced bandwidth and microsecond latency coding. We welcome the new VICO-XI, helping broadcasters to move forward in an All-IP world" says Gael Rouvroy, CEO of intoPIX.

For more information about the intoPIX JPEG XS solutions, visit the intoPIX website or book a meeting with their team during NAB 2023 (Booth C6335)in Las Vegas, from April 16 to 19, 2023.


There are multiple use cases also involving compression to low bitrates where the VICO-XI product is required. Feel free to reach out to Village Island to discuss your ecosystem and future needs.

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