The game-changing addition of intoPIX JPEG XS codec by Providius heralds a new era of IP media analysis

01.06.23 12:04 PM By Julie

The Providius Integration of intoPIX JPEG XS Codec Empowers Support for all Broadcast Formats, from ST2110-22 to IPMX

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, June 01, 2023 – intoPIX and Providius are unveiling the integration of the intoPIX JPEG XS technology into the Providius Broadcast Media Guard (BMG), which acquires, decodes, and analyzes a wide variety of IP media flows.

Providius offers cutting-edge solutions that passively analyze both the IT and the broadcast side of operations, providing a clear and concise picture of systems in real-time. The unique combination of network telemetry and media analysis on a single dashboard is what sets Providius apart, making them the trusted partner of numerous organizations worldwide.

The major benefit of adding to the BMG is that it enables supporting all broadcast formats including ST 2110-22 and IPMX. Without intoPIX, Providius’ customers would not be capable of viewing and analyzing IP media that uses JPEG XS for compression, therefore the intoPIX accelerated “FastTicoXS” codec is instrumental in unlocking visibility for these customers.

intoPIX provides a full-stack offer - FPGA, CPU, and GPU - of JPEG XS solutions with unique features and benefits, and is striving to ensure its customers have the best option for their platforms with the fastest software and smallest cores. This enables real-time and zero latency JPEG XS on a wider range of processors, and essentially gives more flexibility to the codec’s adopters. It doesn’t only include HD, 4K, and 8K encoders, and decoders: it also comes with additional reference designs, plugins, subsystem IP cores, and SDK for premium video streaming using JPEG XS, IPMX, and SMPTE ST2110.

To get more information about Providius’ BMG solution, visit their website. To learn more about the intoPIX JPEG XS technologies, go to

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