Fujikura and IntoPIX Jointly Exhibit at MWC Barcelona 2022

18.02.22 07:00 AM By Julie

Deliver high-definition, ultra-low-latency real-time 4K video connectivity over 60GHz band unlicensed broadband wireless communication

Belgium, Mont-Saint-Guibert, 18 February 2022 - intoPIX and Fujikura annnounced a joint exhibit at MWC Barcelona 2022. They will show live demonstration of a high-definition, visually lossless and ultra-low-latency real-time 4K video streaming over 60GHz unlicensed broadband wireless communication. This demonstration combines Fujikura’s 60 GHz millimeter-wave wireless communication module with intoPIX’s low-latency JPEG XS codec : TicoXS.

“Low-latency wireless video transmission is key to delivering innovative solutions to all industries. Fujikura’s 60 GHz band communication module enables low-cost deployment of fiber-class high-speed and low-latency networks. The combination with intoPIX’s advanced TicoXS IP-cores makes such a solution reality”, said Kenji Nishide, General Manager of Electronic Technologies R&D Center at Fujikura.


Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing and Sales Director at intoPIX added: “The intoPIX lightweight compression technologies deliver great results in latency-critical applications offering a microsecond-based latency, error concealment and lossless quality for HD, 4K and even 8K transmission. Fujikura’s cutting-edge 60 GHz communication module provides optimal wireless connectivity for higher-definition video.”

The demonstrations will take place in Hall 7 at booth 7G51 (intoPIX) and Hall 1 at booth 1F14 (Fujikura) at MWC Barcelona from February 28th to March 3rd, 2022.


For additional info about MWC Barcelona visit www.mwcbarcelona.com

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