intoPIX to Celebrate Successful Collaboration with Bridge Technologies at IBC 2023

08.09.23 10:03 AM By Julie

JPEG XS Integration has Delivered Numerous Broadcast Monitoring Projects

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, September 08, 2023 - intoPIX and Bridge Technologies today announced the celebration of their technology partnership that started four years ago and fully focuses on an age-old and ongoing challenge for the industry as a whole: how to transport super-high-quality data from venue to venue efficiently, using as little bandwidth as possible, and ensuring the highest speed, the lowest cost, and the greatest visual fidelity.

Since 2021, the integration of intoPIX's cutting-edge JPEG XS compression technology into Bridge Technologies' flagship products, the VB440 and VB330 has opened up exciting new horizons for broadcast professionals by delivering an array of benefits to users globally. JPEG XS standard represents the pinnacle of transporting high-quality video. The triangular relationship between latency, quality, and bitrate would normally mean that as production quality starts to increase into the realms of 4K and 8K, there is a corresponding impact on delay and bandwidth requirements.

Katty Van Mele, Director of Business Development at intoPIX stated, "We're thrilled to witness the continued success of our collaboration with Bridge Technologies. Integrating JPEG XS into their products has unlocked tremendous benefits, ensuring Bridge Technologies remains a leader in broadcast monitoring. This partnership showcases how our technology empowers them to deliver exceptional quality while optimizing resources."

The incorporation of JPEG XS compression analysis into the VB440 and VB330 has fortified these products' positions as indispensable components in the broadcast ecosystem. The VB440, renowned for its extensive measurement metrics, and the VB330, tailored for real-time monitoring, have both been elevated by the infusion of this groundbreaking technology. With JPEG XS's lossless compression and remarkably low latency, broadcasters can achieve real-time production without sacrificing image quality - especially valuable in bandwidth-restricted settings or precise-timing-dependent long-haul networks.

By integrating JPEG XS technology, broadcasters can accomplish more with less, enhancing operational efficiency while upholding exceptional visual quality. Whether monitoring high-bitrate broadcast media or conducting real-time quality checks, these integrated solutions consistently offer profound insights and reliable performance.

Simen Frostad, Chairman of Bridge Technologies, underscored the importance of staying at the forefront of an evolving industry, stating, "Technology collaborations are meant to add value to the industry as a whole and I certainly love celebrating any successful outcome. In a number of projects that followed this collaborative partnership, the analysis of transport streams encoded with the JPEG XS standard is facilitated by both our VB330 and VB440 probes to provide operational insight in both production and distribution spaces. Let’s keep on using as little bandwidth as possible while ensuring the highest in both production and distribution."

From September 15 to 19, both companies will showcase their technologies at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam. Visitors can anticipate an immersive experience at intoPIX's booth (#10.D31) featuring the "JPEG XS in Action" exhibition, spotlighting the enduring success of the Bridge Technologies-intoPIX partnership and other accomplishments. Join them to explore these innovative solutions or visit their websites to connect.

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