Dayang D³-Edit 5 integrates intoPIX JPEG XS technology  for ultimate performances

21.04.22 06:30 AM By Julie

Dayang D³-Edit 5 products FastTicoXS SDK for high-quality, high-speed and ultra-low latency 8K video editing

Mont-Saint-Guilbert, Belgium, April 21, 2022 – intoPIX is excited to announce that its intoPIX JPEG XS software has been successfully integratedinto the latest version of D3-Edit 5 - Dayang Non-Linear Editing System - to improve performance, especially in 8K processing.

For post-production of 8K UHD programs, traditional encoding formats cannot meet current production needs. By using the new JPEG XS encoding format offered in Dayang's latest update to its NLE system, the complexity of editing is greatly reduced. Only one single file is needed when using JPEG XS, not like using XAVC, 4 files are needed. In addition, the recording and encoding of JPEG XS are simultaneously supported by Dayang's UHD ingest system, which enables integrated pre and post-production with Dayang's systems.

This intoPIX FastTicoXS SDK offers incredible performances by supporting a native 8K format. JPEG XS guarantees the lowest latency, crystal-clear image quality and low bandwidth. JPEG XS is future-proof for media workflow! Easily integrated into software and hardware, it supports any resolution, multiple chroma formats, any color space, multiple bit depths, any frame rate, … Moreover, in JPEG XS, low-resolution proxies are also part of the master.


Integrating the intoPIX FastTicoXS software into our editing tools was an essential requirement to offer our users the best 8K performance with an extremely low level of complexity and an outstanding level of quality” said Wang Feifan, Product Manager at Dayang.

JPEG XS is really awesome for 8K editing and post-production. We're proud that our SDK has been integrated into Dayang's tools to simplify the broadcaster's workflow with unparalleled performance in 8K and beyond” said Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing and Sales Director at intoPIX.

The two companies welcome everybody to contact their respective sales teams to sample the intoPIX JPEG XS solutions and the Dayang products.


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