intoPIX announces TicoRAW integration into the new Novitec industrial camera portfolio

31.03.22 07:23 AM By Julie

Mont-Saint-Guilbert, Belgium, March 31, 2022 – intoPIX is proud to announce that TicoRAW technology is integrated by Novitec in their new g-Nova23S camera.


The Novitec g-Nova23S has a Global Shutter image sensor that can accurately capture 4K and HD high-speed moving objects and transmit real-time images over long distances using TicoRAW. TicoRAW is transmitted straight out of the camera via Ethernet or wireless. Streaming RAW data with 10x less bandwidth with zero latency and highest speed software decoding allow Novitec camera users to stream RAW image data more efficiently.

Originally developed as an aircraft ground control system, this camera system can be deployed both outdoors to monitor large construction sites,  ports, etc…; or indoors throughout production plants, warehouses, or any other site requiring live video monitoring and inspection.


"We have chosen intoPIX's TicoRAW for our Novitec camera portfolio, as it’s truly capable of guaranteeing perfect image quality, low complexity, and zero latency, which are essential requirements for image inspection in factory automation" explained Sanghoon Lee, Sales Director at Novitec.

“TicoRAW offers fixed line-based latency, reducing processing time to one-tenth of a millisecond in real-time applications, said Jean-Baptiste Lorent, intoPIX Marketing and Sales Director. “We have developed a perfect solution to embed video coding in industrial cameras and carry bandwidth-optimized content for video analysis, inspection, or remote monitoring with lossless quality.”

In addition to being used at smart factories and in a wired environment, the g-Nova23S can be deployed in zero-latency critical wireless applications such as drones, UAM automatic control, real-time traffic/security control systems, or entertainment applications requiring an interactive response. TicoRAW enables to easily transmit high-speed Full HD video over 200 FPS with no Motion Blur and no Latency in a new wireless environment.


The g-Nova23S will be showcased at Korea Vision Show on April 6th – 8th, 2022. Both companies welcome everybody to contact their respective sales teams to sample the intoPIX TicoRAW and the Novitec g-Nova23S solutions.


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