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You will learn how to create smart FPGA designs with the new JPEG XS & TICO-RAW IP-Cores developed by intoPIX and get an update about the Xilinx product portfolio. 
Explore the benefits of TICO-RAW and JPEG XS for various cases:
  • Designing camera and RAW Bayer image workflows using TICO-RAW up to 8K 
  • Replacing HD, 4K or 8K uncompressed live video in time-sensitive transmission using TICO-XS 
  • Broadcast Live production and AVoIP using LAN / WAN / Cloud 
  • Wifi-6/5G video transmission at the speed of light 
  • 4K/8K transport using a single Coax/SDI cable 

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX), Junichi Ota (intoPIX), Yohei Tsuzuku (Xilinx)