4 Reasons why as a filmmaker, I use TicoRAW for my workflow 

11.05.23 01:12 PM By Julie

TicoRAW is the new RAW codec created by intoPIX and designed to preserve the flexibility and quality of RAW with superior efficiency compared to conventional RAW. The technology was designed for camera and editing workflows, taking into account all the RAW requirements needed from camera design, storage, transfer and editing. Today, a broad range of solutions is available, from Silicon IP cores to Software.

For the new  Nikon Z9 & Z8 cameras, Nikon made the strategic decision to add the intoPIX TicoRAW, and they are now offering RAW photography with 20fps burst speeds and for shooting Motion Pictures Films with 8K60p RAW video with the efficiency that everyone would love to have. That's the so-called new N-RAW format of Nikon.

TicoRAW offers a wide range of incredible benefits for filmmakers! Here are 4 reasons to use it :

  1. Superior Quality: TicoRAW is a lightweight, lossless* RAW compression format that enables to capture and record high-quality RAW video content with sharper, more detailed footage and fewer artifacts, compared to any conventional formats (ie JPEG, H264, ProRes,...) . That's a real RAW at the size of a JPEG!

  2. Increased Efficiency: TicoRAW enables to reduce of the power consumption of a camera, to extend shooting time and battery duration, in HD, 4K, and even 8K. TicoRAW enables also efficient storage of your RAW files and efficient transfer/upload, with up to 10x file size reduction compared to regular RAW, saving filmmakers time and money in the post-production process. TicoRAW technology contributes to streamlining workflows and makes it easier to deliver projects on time and on budget.

  3. Enhanced Flexibility: TicoRAW offers full flexibility in post-production, allowing you to adjust color grading, exposure, and other settings without sacrificing quality. It helps filmmakers to experiment with different looks and styles in post-production. It is extremely fast in software.

  4. Versatility: TicoRAW is well-suited for a wide range of production, from film production (motion picture camera) to even live event or sports coverage, it is even used for photography up to 200Mpixels and it has extremely low latency (less than 1ms) for RAW live video transmission. This technology can help anyone who loves to shoot and play with RAW to achieve his vision, whether shooting a Hollywood blockbuster or a small indie film.

By incorporating TicoRAW into their workflows, filmmakers achieve their creative vision and streamline the production process. TicoRAW is the new RAW.

Try TicoRAW today and see the difference it can make in your film production!

* lossless RAW: TicoRAW supports various coding mode: math.lossless compression, near-lossless (Capped Rate), and visually lossless  - down to 1bpp compression

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Nikon's strategic move to adopt TicoRAW technology has enabled them to surpass existing camera limitations, meeting the advanced requirements of imaging professionals.

Available for CPU or GPU, our TicoRAW SDKs provide the highest quality, visually lossless codec for the optimization of your application's infrastructure. ​

intoPIX has developed ideal solutions to embed video coding in industrial cameras and carry bandwidth-optimized content for video analysis, inspection or remote monitoring with lossless quality compression: