8K Association: IntoPIX Highlights TicoRAW and JPEG XS Advancements (Part 1) 

15.12.21 07:59 PM By Julie

Part 1 - Article written by Ben Schwarz from 8K Association

IntoPIX organized an online event in October to present their latest codec advancements and their impact on 8K workflows. In particular, JPEG XS is a wavelet-based codec suitable for 8K production workflows, while TicoRAW can significantly reduce the RAW data bitrate needed for high-resolution camera sensors. In Part 1 coverage of the event, we will provide some background on intoPIX and discuss their new enhancements to the TicoRAW codec. In Part 2, we will provide more details on JPEG-XS adoption.

To provide some additional color to the information presented in the webinar, we spoke with Jean-Baptiste Lorent, intoPIX’s Chief Sales, and Marketing Officer. Lorent joined the company in 2007, a year after its founding in Belgium, initially as a 4K digital cinema vendor supplying projectors and dedicated servers for theatres. The company diversified into broadcast and other adjacent markets, including CE, licensing codecs for cameras and TVs. IntoPIX now has 30 employees.

With their relationships with Japanese players, intoPIX started working on 8K in 2010, with some early R&D with NHK.

Jan-Baptiste explained the company’s current four-fold focus:

1. Simplify connectivity

2. Manage more pixels

3. ...

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intoPIX provides a full range of JPEG XS encoders & decoders as FPGA IP-cores supporting HD, 4K and even 8K, 422, 444 & HDR formats. 

Discover our new JPEG XS codecs with the addition of the Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP) in its revolutionary “TicoXS FIP” Codec. 

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