8K Association: IntoPIX Highlights TicoRAW and JPEG XS Advancements (Part 2)

15.12.21 07:59 PM By Julie

Part 2 - Article written by Ben Schwarz from 8K Association

In Part 1 of our discussion with intoPIX, last week, we discussed their updated TicoAW codec enabling the capture of 8K content for camera-to-cloud applications. But for in-house production of 8K content, the JPEG XS codec is also poised to make a real difference. Part 2 will now discuss intoPIX’s view on the status of JPEG XS and touch on the question of 8K and sustainability.

In the chart below, intoPIX compares JPEG XS with alternative mezzanine-class intra-frame codecs as well as higher compression codecs for distribution. JPEG XS offers the low compression and high-quality characteristics of other mezzanine codecs but excels in the areas of low latency, low complexity, and support for hardware and software platforms.

In a nutshell, JPEG-XS offers ultra-low complexity compression with negligible latency, below one 1ms, to reduce bandwidth by 10 to 20-fold. Thus a 40 Gbps 8K stream can be brought down to 2 Gbps to use many existing networks such as 3G-SDI or Wi-Fi. Plus, mid-range SSD storage can now become 8K compatible within production workflows.

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intoPIX provides a full range of JPEG XS encoders & decoders as FPGA IP-cores supporting HD, 4K and even 8K, 422, 444 & HDR formats. 

Discover our new JPEG XS codecs with the addition of the Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP) in its revolutionary “TicoXS FIP” Codec. 

intoPIX TicoRAW Technology Added with High-Efficiency RAW Recording of Nikon Z 9 Flagship Mirrorless Camera