ASACA Corporation releases a new range of Broadcast servers based on intoPIX HD JPEG2000 technology

11.01.18 11:26 AM By Nils Finger

interBee 2012, Makahuri Messe , Japan – intoPIX, the leading provider of JPEG 2000 compression solutions for Broadcast, announced today the successfully integration of its JPEG 2000 codec IP-core in the new ASACA servers developed for studios and master control rooms.

With the powerful intoPIX visually lossless intra-frame compression engine, ASACA brings to the market new broadcast servers processing two HDTVs channels, Fill and Key, in an ultra-compact and cost effective FPGA chip.

Well-suited for production and broadcast, JPEG 2000 is an easy-to-edit I-frame format and is integrating by an increasing number of broadcast servers. 
ASACA is now delivering three new products powered by intoPIX codecs to broadcast facilities. The ASACA AVR-800/801 VAF servers deliver Telop for CM and Audio, used in master control room. The AVR-802 AV File records and playbacks Telop used in studio. With one input and two outputs, it also processes simultaneously Fill and Key.


ASACA Corporation will be exhibiting the new products during the interBee Show in Makahuri Messe from November 14th-16th. The intoPIX team is also exhibiting its latest JPEG 2000 technology developments at interBEE.

About intoPIX

intoPIX is a leading supplier of image compression technology to audiovisual equipment manufacturers. We are passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience and have developed FPGA IP-cores and compression solutions that enable leading-edge JPEG 2000 image compression, security and hardware enforcement. More information on our company, customers and products can be found on


ASACA is a developer and manufacturer of video audio products for broadcast companies, storage systems and linear IC testing systems. It was founded in 1971. In addition to video audio file (VAF) system equipments, it also has unique products using mechatoronics technology, like Blu-ray disk library systems.  More information about ASACA can be found on

More information about the new ASACA products can be found on: