And the LSec Information Security Award goes to ... intoPIX 

03.04.18 01:54 PM By Nils Finger

Leuven, Belgium, 11 June, 2008: LSEC Information Security Award goes to intoPIX, the leading provider of JPEG 2000 solution for its brilliant work in the information security domain.

This award is the result of a survey among the members of LSEC. LSEC wants to use awards to stimulate renewal in this field. The awards reward companies that are bringing an important contribution to the development of the information security field in Belgium.

The 'Innovation and Important Sector Contribution Award 2008’ goes to intoPIX. As a Belgian SME, intoPIX has succeeded to reach quickly a key position in the digital cinema equipment sector where content security is one of the prime priorities. The company actively collaborates on the development of international standards, such as JPEG 2000 and SMPTE DC28, contributing to define the standard architecture of digital cinema.

To counter piracy, intoPIX has developed IP-cores combining in a single programmable chip both decryption and decoding of data streams. The jury has selected intoPIX for having brought a Belgian company on the international place and succeeding in turning their know-how into commercial and international success.

intoPIX inherits of its technological know-how from the DICE Crypto and the TELE Laboratories at UCL.

intoPIX CEO Jean-Francois Nivart said “This is great news for intoPIX. We’ve been selected for our innovative view on security product in audio-visual business. It highlights an important aspect of intoPIX activities: our security expertise…”

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About intoPIX

intoPIX develops and commercializes high end image processing and security tools in large data streams with high intrinsic value. The applications are aimed especially at pictures having demanding requirements in quality, security and authoring rights. Based in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), intoPIX was established in 2005, quickly becoming the international reference for hardware JPEG 2000 coding solutions. More information on the company and the products can be found on the website at