Artel Video Systems integrates JPEG2000 compression capabilities into DigiLink utilizing intoPIX high performance IP-cores

12.01.18 03:52 PM By Nils Finger

Belgium, Mont-Saint-Guibert, 5 November 2013 – In its booth at CCW, Artel Video Systems (#709), a leading provider of broadcast-quality media transport solutions, will showcase the DigiLink video transport platform featuring high performance, low latency, HD-SDI to JPEG2000 compression with MPEG-2 TS and DVB-ASI encapsulation.  The demonstration highlights the partnership with intoPIX, a leading provider of FPGA-based JPEG2000 solutions.

DigiLink’s integrated solution takes an uncompressed HD-SDI signal and compresses the signal using intoPix JPEG2000 core, then encapsulates the compressed video along with the audio and all ancillary data into industry standard MPEG-2 TS and DVB-ASI. 

“intoPIX is positioned at the leading edge of JPEG2000 compression technology development within the markets it serves. intoPIX’s JPEG2000 product range is developed with a constant attention to provide key improvements to the broadcast production workflow. Our commitment to deliver solutions that outperform the standards in terms of low-latency, image quality, and resolution is appreciated by our new partner Artel Video Systems”, said Katty Van Mele, Director of intoPIX Business Development.

“Bandwidth utilization has become a challenge as broadcasters and video service providers look to exploit existing IP and satellite networks for transporting contribution quality video signals.  To address this challenge our industry is embracing JPEG2000 with its low latency and intra-frame compression as the best solution,” said Richard Dellacanonica, President of Artel Video Systems. “In developing our solution, we chose the intoPIX core as it has rapidly become the industry standard.  We then chose MPEG-2 TS and DVB-ASI as the transport median to support existing infrastructures. Integrating JPEG2000 compression and transport into DigiLink provides a low cost, reliable, and simple to deploy solution for transporting HD-SDI across limited bandwidth networks.”

About intoPIX

intoPIX is a leading supplier of  video and image compression technology to audiovisual equipment manufacturers. We are passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience and have developed FPGA IP-cores and solutions that enable leading-edge video and image compression, security and hardware enforcement. More information on our company, customers and products can be found on

About Artel Video Systems

For more than 30 years, Artel Video Systems has been a leading global provider of broadcast-quality video transport solutions for direct fiber, IP, and managed optical networks. A pioneer in the industry, Artel developed the first commercially available video-over-fiber video transport platform. With thousands of worldwide deployments, Artel’s DigiLink platform is used by the world’s largest telecommunication companies, CATV operators, and video service providers for mission critical primary video feeds for many of the world’s most watched events.