JPEG XS now ARMed for real-time 8K

14.09.22 10:09 AM By Julie

SOURCE: IBC365  >>> Click HERE to read the full article

IntoPIX has extended its software development kit for JPEG XS with support for ARM-based processors, including Apple Silicon. The kit now enables “real-time performance for HD, 4K and even 8K”, on both ARM and X86-based processors, said Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Director Sales and Marketing, IntoPIX.

“To build up an IP live production we no longer need to stay with uncompressed. JPEG XS brings the same benefits of low latency and high quality - visually lossless. We don’t see any reason, except to spend more money, to stay with uncompressed.”

The cost of moving to JPEG XS is even less now thanks to its ability to deliver even 8K over standard Cat5 cable, using the latest 2.5Gbps Ethernet switches, “which makes it simple and inexpensive”.

IntoPIX is also showing a preliminary release of its Titanium system for managing streaming over a network, leveraging the JPEG XS codec, supporting the compressed SMPTE 2110 protocol.

The only reason to stay with uncompressed is to spend more money

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