Kodak Selects intoPIX Technology for Digital Cinema 

31.01.18 10:38 AM By Nils Finger

Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium April 11, 2008: intoPIX, the leading high-performance JPEG 2000 solution provider, announces today that Kodak Digital Cinema will use the intoPIX decoder in next generations of the Kodak Content Player JMN3000. New Kodak units with intoPIX technology inside will be available later this year.

The intoPIX decoder, which meets DCI specifications, will bring Kodak new flexibility in its continuing evolution of digital cinema systems that meet the industry’s growing needs. It will enable Kodak players to continue to decompress images efficiently, effectively, and without a loss in quality.

“This is an important new relationship for Kodak,” said Les Moore, Chief Operations Officer for Kodak Digital Cinema. “The outstanding job they’ve done on their JPEG 2000 core and thorough customer support enables their software to fit easily into the programmable boards in our Kodak unit. This provides us more versatility in our future designs to offer the quality and functionality our customers expect from Kodak.”

As the worldwide cinema industry continues to accept and install digital systems, one important catalyst is the increasing availability of 3D digital content. “Kodak systems can handle 2D or 3D presentations, automatically,” said Moore. “We’ve shown a number of 3D presentations, worldwide. As a leading integrator in digital cinema marketplace, we work with best-in-class providers to enable our solutions to be among the most flexible and
reliable. Our selection of intoPIX technology is consistent with those standards.”

“We are proud to have been selected by Kodak,” said Jean Francois Nivart, CEO of intoPIX.
“We will make available our expertise and knowledge to support them in their continuing quest to help drive the quality standards in the industry.”

About intoPIX

intoPIX is a leading supplier of high performance image compression hardware and software technology for image and video applications capitalising on their exclusive use of cutting edge research from the University of Louvain. More information on the company and our products can be found on our website at www.intopix.com