Broadcast in 2021, a new way of working 

05.03.21 11:53 AM By Julie

SMPTE 2110 & JPEG XS : In response to the new way of producing and distributing due to COVID-19

Broadcast in 2021, a new way of working

Nowadays, the Covid has enforced many producers and publishers in the broadcast industry to necessarily think of producing in the cloud, using lean production structures and remote production. 

This is a real need rather than a choice. The very heavy amount of data and pixels to be transported requires a combination of transport and video compression solutions that will not affect quality and latency, and that will not require any infrastructure costs.

With the exceptional increase in remote production, new video over IP SMPTE standards and VSF recommendations using JPEG XS are in the foreground and are proving to be the best solutions. Indeed, such a structure can work perfectly at home with the existing Gb network and doesn’t require anything else.

Thanks to the open standards enabling interoperability and the large adoption of the new JPEG XS format, anyone can develop software capable of reading or producing streams from cameras, computers, etc. Its excellent quality of image compression guarantees a very advantageous workflow over traditional SDI, uncompressed video or proprietary solutions.

The combination of JPEG XS and SMPTE 2110 significantly reduces cable usage, power consumption and rack space. In addition, it supports all frame rates and resolutions taking advantage of IT and COTS technology.

SMPTE 2110-22 to send digital media over IP network

IT networks start to be at the heart of most broadcast and media operations. intoPIX and its partners deliver growing range of solutions including IP-coresSDKs, Plugins, ... to create the products that support these operations.

IP networking has revolutionized media production, contribution and distribution along with the SMPTE ST2022 and ST2110 standards which lie at the core of new live workflows, dematerialized facilities and cloud-based operation.

SMPTE 2110 is first and foremost an infrastructure solution capable of eliminating the complexities of the SDI signal, and evolving into a network infrastructure that manages video signals.

JPEG XS, Benefits to ST 2110

•  Transport of JPEG XS instead of uncompressed

>> Better in bandwidth to manage multiple streams in HD, 4K and 8K

•  Keep all existing advantages of moving to IP

>> Flexibility, scalability, unlimited accessibility

•  Better impact on operating and infrastructure costs

>> Upgrade capability, lower investments, lighter infrastructures & systems smaller interfaces, remote production and cloud migration.

Example of bandwidth range supported by intoPIX FPGA & software :

(1bpp to 3 bpp) 
 HD 720p60

HD 1080i60/p30

 70 Mbps - 195 Mbps

5 to 14 streams / 1GbE (CAT5e)

50 to 140 video streams / 10GbE (CAT6)
 HD 1080p60 150 Mbps - 390 Mbps 2 to 6 streams / 1GbE (CAT5e)

25 to 66 streams / 10GbE (CAT6)

 4K 2160p30 250Mbps – 750Gbps

1 to 4 streams / 1GbE (CAT5e)

3 to 10 streams / 2.5GbE (CAT5e)

13 to 40 streams / 10GbE (CAT6)
 4K 2160p60 500 Mbps - 1,4 Gbps

1 to 2 streams / 1GbE (CAT5e)

1 to 5 streams / 2.5GbE (CAT5e)

7 to 20 streams / 10GbE  (CAT6)
 8K 4320p60 2 Gbps - 5,6 Gbps
 1 stream / 2.5GbE (CAT5e)

1 to 5 streams / 10GbE (CAT6)

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