FFmpeg Add-on for FastTICO-XS

22.07.20 11:30 AM By Justine

Simplifies the integration of JPEG-XS into any workflow !

We are proud to announce that the intoPIX FFmpeg Add-on enables to integrate directly the intoPIX FastTICO-XS SDKs and so JPEG XS into FFmpeg v4.1 / v4.2. 

With this Add-on, developers can now leverage the power of the new low-latency visually lossless JPEG-XS codec directly into FFmpeg. 

intoPIX SDK brings JPEG-XS to FFmpeg users and enables to create rapidly new flexible and high performance video applications that needs to encode / decode / transcode / convert / save / export video streams or files. 

What is FFmpeg ?

FFmpeg is a very popular open-source multimedia framework that is used worldwide to develop many audio and video processing pipelines and applications. 

It offers a command line interface and includes the support of various audio codec, video codec, stream muxing functions and RTP protocols. 

The designation FFmpeg comes from MPEG video standards group and "FF" means "Fast Forward". Many applications are based on FFmpeg and their flexibility and performance are really impressive.

Getting Started with FFmpeg/libav using intoPIX FastTICO-XS

With FastTICO-XS FFmpeg Plugin, the new standard JPEG-XS will be accessible for a large range of broadcasters and video streaming service providers. 

They will be able to import, stock, save, export and leverage their video workflows in JPEG-XS files along with TICO-XS codec SDKs. 


These are a few examples of what you could leverage JPEG-XS workflows :

  • Convert JPEG-XS to uncompressed v210/yuv/RGB files 
  • Convert JPEG-XS  file to a H264 or H265 files 

Implementers can decide which type of JPEG-XS accelerators they want to call: FastTICO-XS SDKs is indeed available for x86-64 CPUs or Nvidia GPUs.

Please contact us to learn more about it !

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