intoPIX extends the FastTicoRAW SDK capabilities with lossless RAW coding for measurement and analysis

16.11.22 06:30 AM By Julie

By retaining full RAW information with lightning-fast performance, TicoRAW is

 the ideal solution for applications that need to maximize storage and connectivity

Mont-Saint-Guilbert, Belgium, November 16, 2022 –intoPIX, the leading provider of innovative image processing solutions, has released today a new version of its FastTicoRAW software development kit on CPU and GPU supporting lossless quality coding, including a new mathematically lossless profile. The release targets specifically sensor data used within AI applications that focus on analysis and detection, such as machine vision or automotive applications.

FastTicoRAW SDKs deliver high-quality RAW video for both human and machine vision applications and optimize the RAW data storage and connectivity:

  • Reduce storage needs, when using hard drives (SSD), servers, and cloud capacity.
  • Speed up RAW connectivity,  file transfer and remote access.
  • Cut the IT storage needs and costs.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint with a smaller storage volume.


The release covers all the RAW format requirements with high-speed encoding and decoding: most popular CFA Bayer patterns, bit depths ranging from 8 to 16 bits, any resolution (up to 100MP), even at high frame rates. The FastTicoRAW SDKs are available for Intel, AMD, ARM, and Nvidia processors.

With up to 10 times less bandwidth required and 10 times less storage needed compared with those of regular RAW, TicoRAW is truly better than RAW, perfect for all professionals looking to create efficient and ultra-low latency RAW workflows from capture to analysis and visualization. The added Mathematically Lossless profile is of particular interest for anyone focused on reducing bandwidth and storage space while maintaining bit-to-bit accuracy.


Encoding and decoding solutions are available now with evaluation versions. Please contact intoPIX to get performance reports for CPUs and GPUs or visit the intoPIX website for more info about TicoRAW.

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