intoPIX Highlights of CES 2023 !

24.01.23 01:32 PM By Julie

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest technology trade shows in the world, taking place annually in Las Vegas. It is a show where companies from all over the world come together to showcase their latest and greatest technology products and innovations. CES is a glimpse into the future of technology and the trends that are likely to shape the world in the years to come.

CES is the first big event of the year and it's where companies debut their new products and technologies and make big announcements.

And like every year, intoPIX were there to present our solutions that will revolutionize the world of imaging !

Our Solutions

Manage more Pixel | Reduce Power Consumption | Preserve Quality with no Latency | Simplify Connectivity

Sensors & Cameras




VR / AR / XR


CES 2023 in Video

Compression DRIVING




for wireless & AV connectivity


TicoRAW, the new RAW into the Nikon Z9 camera


intoPIX shows 8K distribution options by 8K Association


The world first low-latency sensor and image compression built up for automotive

TicoXS is all about processed video, while TicoRAW lets you work with RAW data directly from sensors. Both of these codecs are lightweight and offer a ton of benefits for the automotive world:

      - Zero latency

      - No impact on image quality

      - Lower bandwidth

      - Reduced cost and power consumption in devices

      - High resolution supported

      - Less interfaces, Less cables, Less storage

The in-car transmission provides audio or video entertainment. intoPIX enables to transmit video with lossless quality & microsecond latency, with its new technology and standard such as JPEG XS.

Automotive always requires more cameras that generate an incredible amount of data and thus heavier bandwidth :  with TicoRAW , we avoid the multiplication of heavy cables that would imply extra cost, extra space requirement and extra power consumption. Furthermore, in this kind of extremely sensitive use, we cannot afford to neglect the latency; the slightest delay could have catastrophic consequences.

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More info about intoPIX TicoRAW
More info about intoPIX TicoXS



TicoXS FIP is the JPEG XS codec with the added Flawless Imaging Profile to handle wireless diplays, XR, and gaming systems over unstable network with a suitable bandwidth and zero latency.

intoPIX TicoXS FIP is perfect for WiFi-6, 5G, WiGig & other applications such as cloud-based gaming, wireless TVs, KVMs, and second displays... where we cannot compromise on latency & quality. 

intoPIX TicoXS FIP with Error Concealment (EC) recovers any corrupted content, which makes it ideal for unpredictable network transmission such as WiFi-6.

Small 4K and 8K IP cores for FPGA & ASIC are available, with a combined low power, low memory usage, and low footprint.

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to empower your sensors, mobile devices & cameras

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intoPIX TicoRAW

CES 2023 was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the incredible integration of our TicoRAW technology into the Nikon Z9 flagship camera.

intoPIX TicoRAW enables 8K 60 frames per second RAW capture internally to a CFexpress card - something that's never been done before.

TicoRAW allows you to preserve all the benefits of the RAW format without any compromise on quality, while significantly reducing file size. Can you even imagine the possibilities this opens up?

With the Nikon Z9 for example, you can record up to 125 minutes of 8K in-camera footage without worrying about power consumption.

And on top of all that, TicoRAW enables a less intensive workflow, as we can see here with the smooth playback of 8K60 footage in (for example) Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve.

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