intoPIX Showcases Groundbreaking Sensorand Video Compression Technologies at CES 2024

10.01.24 01:33 PM By Julie

Exploring the Frontiers of Pixel Management, Power Efficiency, Quality Preservation, and Connectivity Solutions

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, January 10, 2024 – Step into the evolving landscape of image processing with intoPIX at CES 2024, Las Vegas. Renowned for pioneering low-latency and low-power solutions, intoPIX is set to reveal a spectrum of innovative coding technologies. From refining pixel management to optimizing power consumption and ensuring quality preservation to simplifying connectivity solutions, intoPIX technology showcase at CES promises a glimpse into the next era of tech evolution.

Visitors of the intoPIX stand in the Venitian will explore the forefront of automotive innovation, witness Wireless Displays Redefined with TicoXS FIP, and discover how TicoRAW empowers sensors, mobile devices, and cameras. Join intoPIX this week for an exclusive preview of the tech advancements shaping tomorrow's world.


Experience the future of automotive technology with intoPIX groundbreaking TicoXS and TicoRAW codecs. These new lightweight codecs are specifically engineered for the automotive industry, offering:

  • Zero latency.
  • No impact on image quality.
  • Lower bandwidth.
  • Reduced cost and power consumption.
  • High-resolution support.
  • Simplified connectivity with fewer cables and interfaces.

Witness how TicoRAW effectively tackles the challenge of managing the massive data generated by numerous cameras in a vehicle, reducing costs, space requirements, and power consumption.


Made for extremely low latency wireless applications, intoPIX introduces  TicoXS FIP, a revolutionary compression algorithm combining the JPEG XS Codec with a Flawless Image Profile (FIP) and a dedicated error concealment function. Key features include:

  • Latency below 1 millisecond.
  • Lossless quality.
  • Support for HD, 4K, 8K, and high frame rates.
  • Compatibility with gigabit ethernet, WiFi-6, WiFi7, and other wireless technologies.

Discover how the TicoXS FIP core opens up new possibilities for wireless connectivity with superior quality, zero latency and low power coding.


Explore the benefits of the lightweight sensor compression empowering the latest generation of cameras. See how TicoRAW empowers the latest Nikon flagship Z9 & Z8 mirrorless cameras to 8K 60fps. intoPIX TicoRAW offers:

  • High-Efficiency RAW Bayer data connectivity or recording from 2MP to 160MPixels sensors.
  • Reduction of power and battery consumption in camera.
  • Fast RAW image and video transfer speedPreservation of image quality for visual and AI/ML applications.
  • Silicon-proven IP cores for ASIC, FPGA & and software libraries.

Experience firsthand how TicoRAW simplifies connectivity, reduces power consumption, and preserves sensor image quality. intoPIX welcomes everyone this week at its booth 56132 (Venitian Expo, Halls A-D) during CES 2024 in Las Vegas, to discover their groundbreaking technologies and enjoy all the demos.

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