intoPIX Unveils Latest JPEG XS FPGA Cores with Nextera-Adeas ST2110/IPMX, Streamlining IPMX Development at NAB Show

11.04.24 05:08 PM By Julie

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, April 12, 2024 - intoPIX, a pioneering provider of lightweight compression solutions, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Nextera Video and Adeas showcasing the latest iteration of its groundbreaking JPEG XS solutions tailored for ST2110 and IPMX. This demonstration will feature integration with Nextera-Adeas’industry-leading FPGA IP cores for ST2110/IPMX, set to take place at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The new release of the intoPIX JPEG XS subsystem IP core uses the most advanced JPEG XS codec, including the extended JPEG XS High profile and the new TDC profile for flawless imaging, offering up to twice the compression efficiency. The intoPIX subsystem IP cores feature TicoXS FIP core, also includes its RTP packetization, with optional AES encryption of low-latency high-quality JPEG XS video streams and directly interfacing with the Nextera-Adeas ST2110/IPMX solutions. 


“The Nextera-Adeas solution integrated with intoPIX JPEG XS provides everything needed to help OEM’s IPMX-Enable their new or existing products quickly and easily,” said Jed Deame, CEO of Nextera Video.  In addition to FPGA IP cores and NMOS control software, the complete solution includes reference designs containing all software, drivers and daemons, a simple control API, and an intuitive web GUI. Design services are also available to help customers with resource limitations get their products to market quickly.

Combining intoPIX JPEG XS with Nextera-Adeas ST2110/IPMX yields an unrivaled solution, boasting full JT-NM Tested badges for unmatched interoperability confidence. Beyond accommodating diverse resolutions and video formats, it enhances bandwidth efficiency, maintains zero latency, and optimizes FPGA footprint, delivering an unparalleled user experience. "This initiative promises speed-up JPEG XS integration significantly, delivering enhanced efficiency and performance to our valued customers," explains Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing and Sales Director at intoPIX.

The joint reference design was rigorously tested alongside multi-vendor IPMX products in Munich recently, demonstrating interoperability features between multi-vendor transmitters and receivers. The successful testing event marked the official transition of the key IPMX documents from draft to finalized specifications.


"We're excited to announce this reference design integrating their latest TicoXS FIP cores, supporting both the JPEG XS High420.12 profile and JPEG XS TDC profile, alongside our ST2110/IPMX cores," explained Antoine Wijlaars, Managing Director of Adeas. "This design demonstrates seamless 4Kp60 transmission over 1G with minimal latency, a key feature of IPMX."


intoPIX, Nextera and Adeas will be showcasing their joint reference design running on Altera and AMD FPGAs at NAB2024. For more information, visit intoPIX (C6025) and Nextera Video (C3552) booths.

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