intoPIX Unveils Titanium at NAB for Accelerating IP Media Workflows

12.04.24 10:26 AM By Julie

 A breakthrough range of IP solutions unlocking the full power of JPEG XS with SMPTE 2110 and IPMX

NAB Show – Las Vegas, 12 April 2024 –intoPIX, the leading provider of low-latency lightweight JPEG XS technologies and solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of TITANIUM, a groundbreaking range of solutions designed to empower developers, installers, and end-users in accelerating the deployment of SMPTE 2110 and IPMX with intelligent JPEG XS connectivity in their media and entertainment workflows.


"Combining JPEG XS with ST2110 & IPMX makes IP-based media workflows more attractive by bringing together high video quality, low latency, and bandwidth efficiency", said Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing & Sales Director at intoPIX.

Titanium at NAB, intoPIX booth will show the two new families of solutions at the show:


Titanium SDK & EDK for developers.

Offering a comprehensive software development kit for workstations and servers (TitaniumSDK), leveraging embedded CPU, multi-processes and discrete GPU, supporting both PCIe NIC cards and integrated NICs, and both compressed and uncompressed ST2110, and an embedded development kit (TitaniumEDK) specifically made for SoC devices, with some specific flavors addressing Nvidia Jetson SoC and AMD FPGASoC and other ARM SoC, using their integrated NIC and leveraging software or hardware codec accelerations.


Titanium APPs for installers and end-users.

Introducing TitaniumViewer, an application that transforms laptops and workstations into efficient viewers of SMPTE2110 or IPMX streams, and TitaniumShow, which turns laptops and workstations into single to multiple JPEG XS IP-based sources with display resolutions of all sizes.

The Titanium solutions, boasting native NMOS support alongside JPEG XS, ST2110, and forthcoming IPMX compatibility, harness the robust capabilities of intoPIX's JPEG XS-based technologies. Offering support for 4:2:2, 4:4:4, 8-, 10- and 12-bit colors, and optimized coding performances across any resolution, these releases represent a significant leap forward. Tested with a variety of ST2110/IPMX equipment, the new Titanium solutions promise to boost the industry transition to standard-based IP media workflows.


Join us at the NAB Show in Central Hall (#C6025) to explore the new Titanium SDK, EDK, and APPs, and to witness live demonstrations of their capabilities. For more information or to schedule a meeting, follow this link:

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