Japanese Video Demo from Automotive World 2023 : Compression DRIVING automotive

07.02.23 09:54 AM By Julie

This year, we had the pleasure to be present on the Lattice booth during the Automotive World Japan 2023.
It was a unique opportunity to show you how our XS and RAW technologies are clearly made for automotive too!

TicoXS is all about processed video, while TicoRAW lets you work with RAW data directly from sensors. Both of these codecs are extremely lightweight and offer a ton of benefits for the automotive world. They make it easier to connect and to route everything in a car, help you manage more pixels, save on cost, cables and power, and still, give you top-notch video quality with super-low latency. Both TicoXS and TicoRAW are available in hardware and software versions, so you can use them in a way that works best for you.

Note that the video is in Japanse language.

Don't waste time anymore!
Contact us to learn how to integrate the TicoRAW and TicoXS technologies into your ADAS & infotainment systems !

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