ON DEMAND WEBINAR : JPEG-XS for IPMX - Efficiency & interoperability in ProAV over IP

18.06.20 12:05 PM By Julie

The SMPTE ST 2110 standard and the new JPEG-XS standard are designed to help to move to AV over IP efficiently

The Pro-AV industry is also moving from traditional point to point AV infrastructure to AV over IP, same as live production is moving from SDI to IP.


This webinar will introduce you to JPEG XS , the new low complexity video codec, standardized by the ISO JPEG committee. It has been created as a true alternative to uncompressed video transmission. It consumes less bandwidth, uses existing infrastructures for HD, 4K & 8K with less than 1 millisecond of latency and visually lossless quality. 

Today, over 70 billion meters of Ethernet Cat5e (and Cat6)  cables are deployed in the world. Moving to higher resolutions like 4K (or even 8K) brings new challenge in terms of video bandwidth. Going uncompressed, one option is to re-deploy the wires, but sometimes it may not be possible.  Assuming it is even possible, cost estimates (to remove Cat5e, Cat6,…) have scaled to unreasonable budgets per building. JPEG-XS and ST 2110 solve this challenge. 

Watch now !

Speaker : 

Jean-Baptiste Lorent

Sales and Marketing Director

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