JPEG XS at the heart of the surgical act in the operating room in real time video over IP networks !

08.03.23 01:57 PM By Julie

The 4 main benefits of introducing JPEG XS in the operating room!

The high-performance image compression standard, JPEG XS, offers many advantages for use in the operating room during surgery. Here are some reasons why JPEG XS can be useful in this context:

1. High image quality: JPEG XS is a lightweight compression that offers very high image quality without loss of image detail, which is essential for medical imaging applications. This allows surgeons and medical staff to view details and abnormalities accurately, leading to better surgical outcomes.

2. Zero latency: JPEG XS is designed to offer very low latency, which means that images can be transmitted in real time, without any delay. This is crucial in the operating room, where surgeons need to be able to view images in real-time to make critical decisions. A latency far below 1 millisecond!

3. Low bandwidth requirements: JPEG XS can compress images to a very small size without sacrificing image quality. This means that images can be transmitted over lower-bandwidth networks. It offers line-based latency, lossless quality video compression to increase the effective bandwidth capacity : of display links, reducing the number of lanes required, and therefore power consumption, system costs, and electromagnetic interference. 

4. Compatibility with existing infrastructure: JPEG XS is designed to be compatible with existing infrastructures, such as DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standards, which are widely used in medical imaging applications, but also existing cables (CAT5E/CAT6, fiber, Coax) & networks (1GbE, 2.5GbE,10GbE). This means that JPEG XS can be easily integrated into existing systems and workflows without the need for major infrastructure changes and therefore without additional costs.

Overall, the use of JPEG XS in the operating room during surgery allows to manage and transmit more pixels ​with low bandwidth and lossless quality at the speed of light, which clearly contribute to improved surgical outcomes and patient care.

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