Mapping JPEG XS Codestreams into the MXF Generic Container

05.05.20 08:36 AM By Julie

A new SMPTE standard is specifying the mapping of JPEG XS codestreams into the MXF generic container, as specified in SMPTE ST 379-2.  The JPEG XS MXF standard is ST2124 and is available here : 

JPEG-XS is the new standard for low-latency visually lossless codingJPEG XS is a picture-by-picture (or even a " line-by-line") compression coding defined by ISO/IEC 21122-1. It targets to replace uncompressed video (and SDI) while preserving latency & quality. Compressing video up to 10:1, the standard is extremely small in FPGA & very fast in CPU & GPU (with always an extremely low-latency - down to 1/10th of 1 millisecond!) .  

Wrapped in a MXF file, JPEG XS offers a scheme where each picture is entirely independent and can be extracted as an independent entity. The benefits of the SMPTE MXF wrapping is that the codestreams can be simply concatenated to form a video sequence of compressed pictures as a single file. With JPEG-XS wrapped in MXF, it opens the door to easily record, store and edit any ST2110 video feeds in MXF, without any transcoding to another format. 


" MXF file can now contain the JPEG XS video frames in a single file."  

What is MXF ?

MXF stands for "Material eXchange Format". It is a video container format for SMPTE standard professional video and audio content. MXF video files are alternative of actual video tape but in digital format. This video file format supports full timecode and metadata which allows professional use of the video contents, especially in TV broadcasting. MXF files can be converted into more popular formats like AVI or MOV for simple use.

 For editing and conversion in JPEG-XS MXF file, contact intoPIX !