NAB 22: IntoPIX Shows TicoRAW Enabling 8Kp60 capture on the Nikon Z9 and TicoXS enabling 8K AV-over-IP under 1 Gbp/s

17.05.22 01:17 PM By Julie

SOURCE - Article written by Ben Schwarz from 8K Association

IntoPix used NAB 2022 to show 8K/60p capture with the Nikon Z9 as well as 8K over a 1 Gbps ethernet connection using TicoXS, its implementation of the JPEG-XS mezzanine compression standard. We have previously covered IntoPix’s 8K-enabling technologies in a two-part series, with this article focusing on JPEG XS and this one on TicoRAW. The IntoPix booth at NAB 2022 was small but densely packed.

In Vegas, I went straight for the demo I was most eager to see – Nikon’s Z9 the affordable 8K capture solution capable of 60 fps, which is my absolute minimum for any shooting above HD.

The camera uses N-Raw, which is Nikon’s format, but that is based on TICO-RAW technology. IntoPix told me that TICO-RAW makes 60p feasible on the Z9 thanks to the lower space requirements and – what I’d missed previously – thanks also tolengthening battery lifespan. The Z9 is intended to be taken out of the studio, so the processing required by a native format must be minimal and highly efficient.

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Discover our new JPEG XS codecs with the addition of the Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP) in its revolutionary “TicoXS FIP” Codec. 

intoPIX TicoRAW Technology Added with High-Efficiency RAW Recording of Nikon Z 9 Flagship Mirrorless Camera