Plant a business tree !

13.02.20 09:40 AM By Jean-Baptiste Lorent

At intoPIX, we really care about the environmental impact of our business, whether concerning the development of our technological solutions or whether in our daily activities. 

Started as the “Plant your business tree”-initiative of the Alliance Centre BW,  , an association of 88 businesses from Mont-Saint-Guibert, Ottignies, Louvain-la-Neuve and Wavre planted 900 trees on a 300m² area adjacent to the Axisparc last November.. The underlying idea is to create a the beginnings of an urban forest, and let this area thrive without any superfluous maintenance, naturally re-creating biodiversity.

On this occasion, the highly motivated band of intoPIX employees enthusiastically took time out of their daily schedule to join this initiative, promoting and enhancing our  environment.

The actual planting was carried out according to the Japanese Miyawaki method.  The young trees are initially protected by straw - which in turn also encourages  the arrival of insects and the appearance of fungi – and should reach the size of a man in two years.

This urban forest is in reality only just a first part of the project, which will be extended to other plots totaling 900m² of the business park in the near future. Via a sponsoring system, an additional area spanning 100 times the size of this urban forest will be planted in Madagascar, via the NGO Graine de Vie, totaling 120,000m².

Refreshing and entertaining, such an activity has also a really positive impacts on our corporate cohesion.

Let's plan our next environmental action !