World's first experiment in 5G for JPEG XS with Korea Telecom

24.02.20 10:33 AM By Jean-Baptiste Lorent

KT (Korea Telecom), No.1 pioneer in 5G, organized a demonstration event of which intoPIX participated to built a proof of concept for Live low latency video streaming over a 5G network. The aim of the event was to test the new JPEG XS low complexity low latency standard using intoPIX TicoXS solution, particularly versus other codecs like H264. Attendees of the demonstration said "intoPIX technology brought sensation!"

5G is becoming a reality

The 5G roll out is evolving at a rapid pace and will soon be accessible to many users. The enhanced 5G bandwidth will enable the emergence of many new applications such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, VR/AR glasses, live streaming, remote control (drones, vehicles, …), cloud gaming, etc. requiring high data-rate instantaneous communications, low latency and massive connectivity.

Recently the number of 5G network launches and compatible devices increased considerably and will continue its growth over the coming years. GSMA Intelligence forecasts that 5G will be adopted by 1.57 billion people worldwide and today Korean telecom operators are leading the race with nearly 4 million subscribers in 2019. 

Exploring new codecs for Live streaming

No.1 5G pioneer KT (Korea Telecom), is looking for the best video codec to develop 5G latency-critical applications. Since video content produces substantial amounts of data and as a bandwidth provider KT is exploring innovative technologies to make bandwidth requirements more efficient. Moreover, the recent trends shows that resolutions are continuously increasing, resulting in an exponential bandwidth requirement. 

5G is today's new hot topic but is lacking proofs of concepts to further develop use cases. Therefore, last summer in August 2019, KT organized a demonstration event to develop several 5G-related applications of which Live streaming over 5G was one of the most expected demos. intoPIX TicoXS solution was elected to take up the challenge.

5G streaming: JPEG XS the uncontested low latency winner

One goal was to compare in terms of quality and latency KT’s existing H.264 CDN with TicoXS FPGA-based solution over a 5G infrastructure. intoPIX low latency and low complexity TicoXS solution delivered an outstanding performance in comparison to its H.264 competitor.

The set up of the demo compared two screens put side by side, one using KT's existing H.264 codec and the other using intoPIX JPEG XS codec. Witnesses of the demo could simultaneously compare the two screens showing the live 1080p streamed content and directly assess the H.264 and JPEG XS codecs. 

KT 5G experiments : comparing latency between H.264 and the new low latency low complexity JPEG-XS codec

What's in for TicoXS ?

Attendees could easily notice a differentiation in latency between the two solutions and that said intoPIX technology brought "sensation". While preserving visually lossless quality, the JPEG XS solution processed the live 1080p30 video content with less than 1 milliseconds, while there was a visually perceptible latency on the H.264 solution. The JPEG XS extraordinary low latency outplayed the H.264 solution validating its suitability for Live streaming over high speed 5G networks. 

What holds you back from testing intoPIX TicoXS solution in your latest 5G application ?

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