Are you good enough to crack the code? 

At intoPIX, we like to play and code ! What about you ? 
Try to find the right combination and win an Amazon gift card !

Find the right answers to these 4 questions and you will get the necessary instructions to crack the code!

Question 1 : What term do we often use to talk about 8K in the broadcast and live events ?

  • A : HDTV2
  • B : 8KTV2
  • C : UHDTV2
  • D : 2-4KTV2

Question 2 : What does XS means from TICO-XS ?

  • A : eXtra Small 
  • B : eXtra Speed
  • C : eXtra Small and eXtra Speed
  • D : eXtreme Sports

Question 3 : What are the culinary specialities of intoPIX's country of origin? 

  • A : Fries, chocolate, Beer
  • B : Pizza, Ice cream, Espresso coffee
  • C : Knödel, Kassler, Sauerkraut
  • D : Gyozas, Ramens, Curry rice

Question 4 : What is the right color of the JPEG XS logo 

Find ​the right combination !

If the answer is A

If the answer is B

If the answer is C

If the answer is D

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Did you find the right combination? 
Be one of the 10 winners of the €50 Amazon gift card! 
Finish the game by answering the questions below
A random draw will be made from the correct answers to determine the winner.

Good luck!

 - End of the game: 30th May, 2021 | Max 1 participation per person -